Cloud Balloons

Cloud Balloons

cloud balloons for events, trade shows and marketing

Cloud Balloons

We manufacture cloud balloons in the USA. We have made cloud shape helium balloons as small as 6 feet long to over 20 feet long. You can have your clouds a solid color or with shading, lettering, logos or any special designs. Our balloons can be filled with air or helium. If you need the clouds to float they must be large enough to contain a sufficient volume of helium to provide lift. Our cloud shaped balloons are made of polyurethane, not PVC. PVC is a known carcinogen and is much heavier than polyurethane. If you want a cloud to float that is under 20 feet in length you need to use polyurethane. These polyurethane helium balloons are reusable and with reasonable care can last for years of indoor use. Larger cloud helium inflatables can be used outdoors; however, these balloons are not a very aerodynamic shape and will not float well with any wind.

cloud balloons with logo

Clouds with logo for trade shows.

Please call 1-800-791-1445 for more information on our Made in USA cloud shape helium balloons. Email

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